Debs Thorpe has contributed to the debate about postgraduate training in a typically thoughtful way, as well as providing a helpful summary for those of us unable to be in London for The National Archives’ recent ECR training day. Go and have a read! I fully endorse her comments about peer-to-peer training. Some of my best historical training has arisen from groups like that!

Yesterday was the training day for Early Career Researchers at The National Archives (TNA), which was aimed at those who are doing advanced archival research into the period 1200-1500. It was a greatly thought-provoking day for me, as someone who has been working on household records and who has dipped her toes into the world of medieval central government. I thought that some of the discussions that arose had relevance to all postgraduates or postdoctoral researchers whose work depends on specialised skills and knowledge. I thought I’d write a blog post to summarise some of the discussions and so extend them beyond the group of people in the room (as that was one of the aims of the day for those who were leading the workshop).

     One of the key points that was re-iterated time and time again by Nick Barratt and James Ross of TNA was exactly how…

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