I’m so excited by the historiographical developments that underpin this recent US conference (report by Lois Huneycutt, rebloged below). It’s been my conviction for some time that we need to take the discussion of powerful women and women in power ‘beyond exceptionalism’; and here are a bunch of my (s)heroes making that happen. I eagerly await the proceedings!

Royal Studies Journal

Lois Huneycutt send a conference report on “Beyond Exceptionalism” at Ohio State University, Mansfield from 18-19 September 2015.
Let us know if you’ve also been to some interesting Royal Studies conferences, write a few lines and send some pictures! We’re happy to post them here.

Now, on to Lois’ report:  

In some ways, “Beyond Exceptionalism” was a continuation of a conversation begun three years ago at Kalamazoo. Around the lunch table, several of us who have been working with powerful medieval women for decades expressed our frustration at continuing to hear papers and read articles that characterized a powerful woman as an “exception” to the “rule” that medieval women do not exercise public power. Surely, we decided, it was time to move “beyond exceptionalism” and accept that it was more normal than not for elite women to be in positions of authority and to exercise public power. Amy Livingstone took…

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