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magna carta BL catalogueAs I recently tweeted to British Library curator Julian Harrison, before the year is out we will all have reached #PeakMagnaCarta. But that time is not yet upon us!

In this 800th anniversary year, I’ve already been (albeit briefly and unexpectedly) something of a radio celebrity, talking about thirteenth century England on ABC radio in three capital cities across Australia. Heady days, folks; heady days! But we’re only just beginning. There are any number of public events, lectures, exhibitions and conferences planned. I won’t be at all of them, but I admit I’m going to gorge on this unaccustomed appetite for my period and specialty while I can.

Here’s a curated selection of Magna Carta related activities for you to peruse: Read the rest of this entry »

I don’t know that I’ll make a habit of reblogging this kind of advertisement here, but it has come to my attention that the British Library are looking for a researcher on the Post-Medieval Legacy of Magna Carta, which sounds like a dream job for somebody, and seems pertinent to the content of this site. The 2.5 year post is in conjunction with the upcoming Magna Carta 800 exhibition which will take place in 2015, and to which I, for one, will definitely be going – possibly many times. If you want more information, look to the BL’s own manuscripts blog, and the specific job advertisement here. Applications close on 28 October. Good luck one and all!

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