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magna carta BL catalogueAs I recently tweeted to British Library curator Julian Harrison, before the year is out we will all have reached #PeakMagnaCarta. But that time is not yet upon us!

In this 800th anniversary year, I’ve already been (albeit briefly and unexpectedly) something of a radio celebrity, talking about thirteenth century England on ABC radio in three capital cities across Australia. Heady days, folks; heady days! But we’re only just beginning. There are any number of public events, lectures, exhibitions and conferences planned. I won’t be at all of them, but I admit I’m going to gorge on this unaccustomed appetite for my period and specialty while I can.

Here’s a curated selection of Magna Carta related activities for you to peruse: Read the rest of this entry »

I note from Björn Weiler’s page that you can now access the full program and registration documents for the upcoming 15th Thirteenth Century England conference online via the Royal Historical Society.

Go for your lives!

It’s official! Details of the fifteenth Thirteenth Century England conference have just been released and I’m happy to pass them on to you, dear reader. I’m not so happy that having spent most of July in the UK it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll be able to make it back again in September, because it looks like a corker. If you can be there, enjoy, and I shall be there in spirit…

Oh, and if anyone would like the registration form and full program, just email me or post a comment and I’ll be happy to forward them on. Sadly, they don’t seem to want attach to this post!

Thirteenth Century England XV: Authority and Resistance in the Age of Magna Carta

2–5 September, 2013

Aberystwyth & Lampeter

Conveners: Janet Burton, Phillipp Schofield, Björn Weiler

  • Helen Birkett (Exeter), Visions of Power: Authority and Religious Identity in Cistercian Exempla
  • Richard Cassidy (London), Bad sheriffs, custodial sheriffs, and control of the counties
  • Judith Collard (Otago), Visual representation of authority in the Chronicles of Matthew Paris
  • Peter Coss (Cardiff), On what authority (if any) did knights revolt in the thirteenth century?
  • Rhun Emlyn (Aberystwyth), Graduates and Authority during the Conquest of Wales
  • Ian Forrest (Oxford), Sources of Power in the Thirteenth Century
  • Beth Hartland (Glasgow), Rebellion and the North in the thirteenth century
  • Katherine Harvey (London), A Disputed Episcopal Election in Thirteenth Century Winchester, 1238-44
  • Philippa Hoskin (Lincoln), Bishops and rebellion: theory and practice in the mid-thirteenth century
  • Jennifer Jahner (Pasadena), Polity, Privilege and Voice: Political Poetry in the Age of Magna Carta
  • Melissa Jones (Cardiff), Family Strategy or Personal Principles? The Cantilupes in the reign of Henry III
  • Owain Wyn Jones (Bangor), The ‘Oes Gwrtheyrn’ chronicle
  • Fergus Oakes (Glasgow), King’s Men without the King: Royalist Castle Garrison Resistance between the Battles of Lewes and Evesham
  • John Sabapathy (London), Innocent III’s Political Thinking on Questioning and Resisting Authority
  • Sita Steckel (Münster), Voicing resistance. Arguments against the mendicants in England and France
  • Katherine Sykes (Oxford), Regulating religious women in the age of Magna Carta
This is more or less what Aberystwyth looked like the last time I was there...

This is more or less what Aberystwyth looked like the last time I was there… This time let’s hope the drama is in the research rather than the weather. (Photo from

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